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Created by Zack Qureshi aka RedEyeZack

Hi, I'm Zack. I'll be happy to collaborate with you as I feel we have lots in common and some mutual avenues that could be beneficial for both of us.


I'm reaching out to like-minded people, those that share an artistic vision, love music and would like to create a meaningful relationship with humanity. Join me in my Art-Project 'RedEyeZack' and participate in this wonderful journey.


Here is my promotional document.

If you can drum up interest for your community / local town. I'd love to come and perform for you there.

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Here is my press release. Great for printing and circulating. The message is simple...


be good to yourself.

Give 15 minutes a day to yourself as a part of your daily routine.

Whether it's a yoga-meditation routine, household chores like washing up or organising yourself. This EP Album can help you relax and be mindful.


Give it a try.

Stream for FREE or download


I've had some great feedback about this EP. It would be really wonderful if you could send me a review or testimonial. Have a listen and let me know what you think of the album.

Thanks for your feedback! Message sent.

Here's the back-story about the album. I need your help to promote & share it. It's the first of 6 more releases that I'm planning over the next 18 months.

A crowd-funding campaign to follow shortly, as soon as I start performing regularly in London.

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